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Hello Friends!

My name is SvitLana or just Lana and I am a founder and photographer at Highlight Your Wrinkles Photo Atelier. 

 First of all I will start how we come up with our name. I got so many questions why do we call Highlight Your Wrinkles Photo Atelier. I wanted to open studio and photograph only people after 40th because I believe in love and life after that period of life. However, as you see my photography covers all kinds of fields cause I love taking pictures and meet new people. My 3 years of photography major gave my photographs and business higher  standard.  
We are so
 energetic(me), funny (me and hubby), skillful(both), talented(both), and cheerful(me).
 When you walk away you will feel like you had the best experience and have fallen in love with your photos

P.S. the background photo is our happy family at the first day of 2014
So let's make your year memorable too. Contact us today. 

CALL    916-715-9410    Svitlana (SweetLana)